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ABCs of Grace

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Offering Envelopes:
Offering envelopes are provided annually for each communicant member of the Church. The envelopes provide an easy way for you to prepare your offering to the Lord. Offering envelopes for the coming year will be delivered to your Church mailbox towards the end of the calendar year. Statements are provided at the end of the year.
Parish Hall:
The Grace Lutheran Parish Hall is maintained primarily for the use of the congregation for dinners, special meetings and various celebrations. In addition, when there is no conflict with congregational events, individuals may use the hall for private events. Requests of such use should be made to the Board of Trustees.
Pastor's Discretionary Fund:
Holy Scripture teaches that Christians should come to the aid of the needy. Until the advent of the modern welfare state, the Christian Church was the largest dispenser of charity in the Western world. At Grace Lutheran we provide assistance to people in the form of food, clothing, gasoline, prescription medicines, and utilities assistance. A special fund is maintained for this purpose. It is administered by our pastor. Individuals make donations to this fund, and it also receives money from the General Fund of the congregation. While this fund is used to aid both members and non-members, we are especially concerned to help those who are part of our Grace family. All requests for aid should be made to Pastor or an elder. Such requests are kept confidential.
Pastor's Office Hours:
Ordinarily Pastor is in his study from about 9:00 am until Noon and often in the afternoon. On Fridays, Pastor writes his sermon and is usually not in his study. While you do not need an appointment to see the pastor, he is better able to meet your needs and his other scheduled duties if he can know in advance that you are coming. Pastor is, of course, on call for emergencies at any time.
Pastor's Secretary:
Pastor's secretary is in the office Monday through Friday from 9:15 am until 1:15 pm. An answering machine will pickup your calls if she is not in.
Pews for Young Children:
Several pews in back of the Church are reserved for families with young children, for ease of exiting and returning with minimal distraction.
Prayer Requests:
Occasionally one may feel the need to request a prayer for a friend, loved one or oneself to be led by the Pastor during the worship service. If you wish to include someone or yourself in the prayer during worship you may speak with pastor, although a written request is preferred.
Private Confession:
While each Christian may and should confess his sins to God in the sure confidence that He will forgive for Christ's sake, it is also true that the Pastor, in the stead and by the command of Christ, forgives sins both in the Divine Service and privately. If you desire the comfort of Private Confession and Absolution, schedule a time with pastor for your confession. Pastor is bound by oath to keep your confession strictly confidential.
Sermon Tapes:
The sermons from each worship service are audio taped and copies are made available at a nominal cost. To request a copy of a sermon tape you may speak with the contact person listed in the Church bulletin or call the Church and leave a message with the secretary.
Sunday Bulletin:
This "publication" is very useful to members and visitors. Besides the order of service for the day, it gives a warm welcome and it clearly states the communion policy. Finally, it has news from Grace's organizations and inserts about missions and activities of the church. You'll be given one as you enter the service. Please feel free to take it home.
Sunday School:
Grace Lutheran Sunday School provides Christian education through fellowship and Bible study for all ages.
Use of Church Property:
From time to time members of Grace desire to borrow property which belongs to the congregation. Such requests should be made to the Board of Trustees. It is expected that all property will be returned in the condition which it was when borrowed. There may be certain items which the Trustees will not grant permission to borrow. Please respect their judgment.
Ushers are men of the congregation who perform various worship related duties before, during and after the divine service. They distribute bulletins before the service, collect the offering during the service, and dismiss worshippers after the service. If you wish to serve the church as an usher contact the head usher.
Vacation Bible School:
Each summer, during July, the congregation sponsors a week-long Vacation Bible School for children from kindergarten age through grade 6. The children work hard, play hard and learn about their Savior during this time.
Voters' Assembly:
Holy Scripture clearly teaches that men are to be the heads of their families and the leaders in the Christian congregation. For this reason, the Voter's assembly consists of all males age 18 and over who wish to attend the meetings and who are communicant members of the congregation. The bible is the highest authority in all matters of faith and life about which it speaks. In all other matters the majority decides by discussion and voting.
Web Site:
The official Elgin Grace Lutheran Church web site is located at
Ordinarily only members of Grace Lutheran Church will be married in the church. Occasionally an exception may be made at the discretion of the Pastor and Board of Elders. The Pastor of Grace Lutheran will officiate at all weddings held in our church. Another pastor of the Lutheran Church-Missouri synod may join him in such service, if the bride and groom request.
"What about . . ." Booklets:
Originating in the Office of the Synodical President, some of these 5"x7" leaflets discuss the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod's position on basic doctrines of the church. Others state Synod's position on a number of issues of the day. New topics are added periodically. The rack for these is at the south church entrance. Choose the titles that interest you, or ask how you can order the whole set from the Synodical office at no cost.
Wheel Chair Spaces:
This is a future feature of the church.
Winds of Grace:
Instrumentalists are encouraged to join the "Winds of Grace" for occasional performance, especially during the Festival Seasons. Instrumental performances can vary from soloists to full ensemble. All skill levels are welcome.
Work Days:
Saturday each month is set aside for volunteers to help the Trustees with maintenance and special projects. These are announced 2-3 weeks in advance.

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