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ABCs of Grace

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Junior High Catechism (confirmation classes):
Children in the 7'th and 8'th grades attend weekly classes in Christian doctrine. These classes prepare the young people to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The classes begin after Summer vacation and continue until Palm Sunday. On that day, the 8'th graders are confirmed and receive their first Communion on the next Thursday (Maundy Thursday).
With the building of our new church, Grace Lutheran has revived the Lutheran tradition of kneeling for certain portions of the Divine Service. We kneel during the Confession of Sins and for some prayers. Those who cannot kneel or who do not wish to do so may be seated when the congregation kneels.
Large Print Materials:
Anyone having trouble reading the church bulletin and the hymns will find an enlarged copy in the Narthex. These enlarged copies are made for all regular and special services.
Lenten Vespers (& Meals):
Special Vesper services are held on the six Wednesdays before Easter. There is a meal served before the services. These meals are prepared and served by different organizations of the church.
A library, which includes light reading, theology, child rearing, audio tapes, etc, is available to all members. The library also has a complete set of Luther's Works. The library is located in the kindergarten Sunday school room.
Liturgical Singers:
This small, select group is dedicated to the performance of the traditional Liturgy in its intended four voice harmony. Performance is both acappella and accompanied.
Lutheran Church, The-Missouri Synod:
Since its founding in 1951, Grace has been affiliated with the Missouri Synod. With home offices in St. Louis, Missouri, the LCMS is the second largest Lutheran church body in the U.S.A. The synod has about 3 million members. The Missouri Synod has been from its founding in 1847 a conservative church body. To this day the name "Missouri Synod" means a church with a strong concern for pure Bible teaching. Under Missouri Synod polity the congregation is autonomous. Grace could, if it wished, affiliate with another orthodox (right teaching) synod or belong to no synod. Membership in the synod makes it possible for us to cooperate with other congregations in important work such as the support of missionaries, training of pastors and teachers, and the publication of orthodox materials.
Lutheran Women's Missionary League:
LWML is a group of Christian women who are affirming their relationship to Christ through fellowship, Bible study, and ministry to others. LWML is a worldwide fellowship/service organization.
Mail Boxes:
Each family has it's own mail box, which is located in the Narthex.
Memorials are a way to honor the dead. When a member or close relative of a member dies, a memorial sheet and envelopes are placed on a stand in the Narthex. Your memorial can be put into a clearly marked envelope and placed in the collection plate. Envelopes and cards for making a memorial contribution are available in the Narthex. Special Memorials may be arranged through Pastor.
The Christian congregation's concern for preaching the Gospel reaches beyond the borders of its own immediate parish area. Grace Lutheran is currently involved in providing assistance to a group of Christians who have founded a new church in the Ft. Worth metropolitan area. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod supports hundreds of missionaries scattered around the globe.
Monthly Calendar:
Members receive a copy of the monthly church calendar in their mail boxes at the beginning of each month. This calendar shows a schedule of church activities for the month.
The "Grace To You" newsletter is published monthly and contains information about meetings, special events, and other activities associated with the Church. A copy of the newsletter is provided for each member family and can be found in your mailbox near the beginning of each month.
A nursery with an experienced attendant is available during the late service.


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