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ABCs of Grace

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Doctrinal Position:
Grace Lutheran is committed to teaching the Holy Bible as the very Word of God and the Lutheran Confessions as a faithful exposition of the Bible. The pastor of our congregation has vowed to teach only what the Scriptures teach. Classes in Lutheran doctrine are held several times a year for members and for those seeking to know more about the Lutheran Christian faith.
Easter Lilies:
Every year we use lilies, approximately 20 potted plants, on Easter. Members may sign up for as many plants as they want. After the late service you may take them home. Invitation, and cost, to place them will be in the bulletin several weeks prior to the occasion.
The members of this Board are chosen from members of the Voters' Assembly. These men assist the pastor in the spiritual care of the congregation's members. Each member has an elder who is assigned to be of help to him as necessary. In addition, the Elders serve as advisors to the pastor. In the Narthex, there is a bulletin board with the pictures of the current members of the Board of Elders and a list of the families for which each is responsible.
Ordinarily the church and the pastor's services at a funeral are reserved for members of the congregation. In certain circumstances it might be possible for a non member to be buried by our pastor, but only if the deceased were a Christian. Under no circumstances will our pastor preside at the funeral of one who has given no evidence of faith in Jesus Christ as his or her Savior.
Fun, Food and Friendship:
This group plans activities for the congregation's participation, in order to have good Christian fun with family and friends.
Grace Bells:
The Grace Bells enhance the Worship Service through their performances on the traditional hand bell. They rehearse weekly throughout the year on Wednesday night, with occasional additional rehearsals during the Festival Seasons. Those interested in membership should contact the Bell Choir Directress.
Grace Cares:
These Christian members reach out to others, showing concern and care by using their time and talents. The committees include: Baby Sitting Co-Op, Booklet for Church, Care Card Ministry, Encouragement for Confirmands, Helping Hand, Large Print Ministry, Prayer Chain, Support and Encouragement (Sanctuary), Tape Ministry, Teaching, Visitation and Welcoming and Visiting the Sick. Those interested in membership should contact the church office.
Grace Choir:
The Grace Choir performs during the Festival Seasons of the Church. They enhance the Worship Service with a repertoire consisting of both traditional and contemporary hymns and anthems. Membership is welcome to all ages and skill levels. Please contact the Choir directress for membership information.
Grace Youth:
A Ministry sharing the Gospel with young people through celebration, growing and serving. The aim is to teach our youth to be virtuous people and good Christians. Activities include service projects and fun outings around town and state.
Handicapped Parking:
Reserved parking is available near both church entrances for mobility-impaired individuals.
Hard of Hearing:
Devices are available for the hard of hearing. If you have this need, contact an usher.


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