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ABCs of Grace

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Abortion Crosses:
White crosses (number varies) are installed on Church property (Hwy 290 side) on the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade decision. They represent the number of babies aborted daily in the U.S.A.
Boys aged 10 and older may serve as acolytes during the Divine Service. Pastor trains the acolytes and they work directly under his supervision. During the service they light and extinguish the candles. They also hand the collection plates to the ushers.
Adult Education:
The daytime Bible study and discussion group meets on the first Tuesday of the month. They do not meet in June, July and August. The group selects a topic to discuss. Everyone is welcomed to attend. Coffee and visiting is from 9:30-10:00am with study from 10:00-11:00am.
Advent Vespers:
Special Vesper services are held on the three Wednesdays before (& Meals) Christmas. There is a meal served before the services. These meals are prepared and served by different organizations of the church.
Altar Flowers:
Fresh flowers are placed on the altar by members to honor a special date or just to beautify worship. A flower chart is in the Narthex to sign up for a date. We usually order from All Occasions, but you may use any florist you want. Only real flowers are used for worship services.
Altar Guild:
Altar Guild is an organization of women who serve the Lord by doing the "housekeeping" of the chancel area. Duties include cleaning of communion vessels and cups, changing paraments and banners, changing altar candles, dusting the altar area, and keeping acolyte robes cleaned. Other duties will be added as needed. Membership is open to any confirmed member. For any other information contact the church office.
The Voters' Assembly (men) host the Mother/Daughter banquet. The LWML (women) host the Father/Son banquet. These two banquets alternate every year.
Parents of new born babies are urged to arrange for Baptism for their children as soon as possible. There is a special Baptism Request form available in the church office. In cases of emergency, parents are urged to call pastor for a possible emergency baptism. Adults may be baptized after receiving instruction in the basic teachings of the Christian Church.
Board of Trustees:
This Board is elected from members of the Voter's Assembly. These men are charged with the care of the congregation's property and serve as its legal representatives.
Braille Workers:
The Braille workers volunteer their time to create special publications, such as devotional materials and sections of Scripture, for the visually impaired.
Bulletin Boards:
There are three bulletin boards. One is located in the Sunday School wing and involves Sunday School activities, teachers and students. Two are located in the Narthex. One involves Elders and the Youth group. The other one involves Church activities and the Church Flower Chart.
Christmas Poinsettias:
Every year we use poinsettias, approximately 20 potted plants, on Christmas. Members may sign up for as many plants as they want. After the late service you may take them home. Invitation, and cost, to place them will be in the bulletin several weeks prior to the occasion.
Church Directory:
A Church directory with pictures and addresses of members is available. Check with an Usher. An updated membership roster is issued periodically.
Church Picnic:
A picnic is held the Sunday following Vacation Bible School for Church members and guests in an annual celebration of fun and fellowship.
Church Year, The:
Grace Lutheran follows the historic Christian calendar. The new Church year begins four weeks before Christmas with the Advent season. Following Christmas, the church observes the Epiphany season. Lent prepares the church to meditate on the sufferings of our Lord. Easter finds the faithful celebrating Christ's victory over death. The last half of the Church year is called the Trinity season. The readings and sermons on these Sundays concentrate on the practical implications of the great events which we have just celebrated during the first half of the year. Each season has its only particular liturgical color. The paraments on the altar, pulpit, and lectern and the vestments which Pastor wears change accordingly.
Circuit Conferences:
On the second Tuesday morning of each month, Pastor meets with other neighboring Missouri Synod pastors. The pastors study the Scriptures and discuss their mutual pastoral concerns. The pastor's wives have their own meeting at the same time.
Jesus said, This is my Body, this is my Blood. Lutherans believe that this precious meal gives to us the true Body and Blood of the Savior for the forgiveness of our sins. Grace Lutheran follows the ancient and Biblical practice of only communing those who have received instruction in the Christian faith and are united with us in their understanding of that faith. This practice is our of concern for the welfare of the souls of all who worship with us. Helpful booklets explaining our practice are available in the Narthex (foyer) of the church.
Concordia Tracts:
These 3"x5" pamphlets discuss the Lutheran church's teaching on various subjects. They are handy to tuck in pocket or purse, and useful to give to people who ask questions about our beliefs. A selection of tracts are available in the south church entrance.
Cry Rooms:
This is a future addition to Grace Lutheran Church.

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